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And so it begins…

Step right up folks. Step right up!

The silly season is nearly upon us once more… I have no clue how this happens, but happen it does. Yet another year has passed us by, with nye on a blip so it seems. Sure the world is going to shit with wars and bombings, and genocide and beheadings and stuff, but its not all bad…. Is it?… It has some good stuff happening… The pope is searching for equality. The cost of living in West Oz has made this the single most expensive place to live on the planet, and our yearly registration cost to keep our beloved VW’s on the road, is going up… All good hey?

Enough of this dreary stuff… We have have a lifestyle to maintain!

Whoop! There it is…. We dig dubs…. In (almost) all its forms…. I do draw the line at yellow ones… And fiberglass infested ones…. Especially of the 1980’s fat fendered Porga/Carrera variety…. Buggies are cool but…. Have I managed to offend everyone yet? Events you say? What about the events?… Yeah we got’em!…

The South West Dubbers are at it again, the annual weekender down Busso way… The 3rd Veedubs@Busselton Drive-in, Camping and Cruise Weekend…. Phew!… All reports say that last years even was a ripper… Missed that one…. Will be missing this one too… Which sux massively, so I will look forward to the report and pics from other upon your return. Check out the thread for more details.

The Formula V Day is on at Barbagello Raceway again… Last year was an awesome day, with many classic car groups converging on the raceway paddock area and pit area to gork at the cool old school race cars and bikes that were there on the day…. The was plenty of action on the track too, with not only the FV’s out there, but plenty of other classes having at go on the track… For more info, jump over to the thread.

As with every year the VW Club of WA puts on its premier event for the year… The Day of the Volkswagen 2014… As with the past few years, its at Taylor Reserve in Vic Park… Don’t miss out on this great day! More info can be found on the thread.

The last event of note is the Annual NoH2O cruise to the DoVW14… As with every year, the ‘collective’ meets at various locations around the Perth Metro and out suburban areas, converging on Vic Park Shopping Centre… We then cruise on-masse to the DoVW location.

Project wise, things are quiet…. I know of a few projects going on around the traps, but few people of been posting information… Keeping quiet until they are done I reckon… Mine are trucking on, but I don’t have much news… Everything is happening, but it not that much fun to share… Maybe next month I will have something special to show off to you lot…

Finally…. One project we are all looking forward to seeing is Dr Evil’s Tempo…. It’s done!… Craig got married last weekend and he had the Tempo on site for the wedding…. I don’t think it was used as the bridal limo, but how cool would it have been if it was…. I’m sure there will be more pics posted when he gets back to town… Well done mate!

That’ll do… Catch you guys next month!

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This will be short… But sweet!

How mad is this? Good friend of the collective Aaron Roberts is about to blow the sox off the Aussie VW Drag scene again! Like his last mad machine… His wheelstanding 20B turbo powered Baywindow Bus, this Notch is also rotary powered and turbocharged…. This one has a built 13B in it, and a ’somewhat modified’ auto transaxle from a 70’s Bay Bus…. Look out for updates next weekend on the Oz Forums, Drag Race Forums, Drag Racing FB pages etc…. This car will create a stir when it hits the track.

An number of other cars are making their Oz drag racing debut next weekend… Troy Adler will have his new tube car out for some shakedowns. Other Adler’s will be out in force for sure…. Matt Berry has given Bluey a freshen up, as has Ben Robinson given his Orange VWMA Sponsored Bug a freshen up… I think our boy Morgan Smith will be there with the delectable Nancy… So wish I was gonna bet there this year…. I hear Brian White  is there…. Bastard!

Speaking of Brian…

He has been on a bit a retro kick of late, posting up some of his good work on his FB page. Get over there and have a gander… The boy has a mighty good eye!

On another note…. Some of you might be familiar with Phil Mizzi’s Balls Out BD Single Cab… I have been posting up the build up of the mad machine for the past couple of years… As you may know, it’s done and making waves around the world. Last year I got to see this bus up close and personal for the second time… This time it was started up!… That supercharged Autocraft engine is just mad!… Now you lot have a chance to support Phil and his creation by voting for it in this years round of the Street Machine Car of the Year Awards.

So… Enough of the interstate stuff… Better put up some local content… My shed is getting full…. Damn these projects!


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The time has come for this months chat!

Projects, projects, projects… It never seems to end… Here we have Bill’s latest find… Good to see he is back into Dubs… He got distracted last year with the build up of a highly strung Mk1 Escort PV… Cool as it was, it just didn’t fit his monicker of 57Bus… And before you jump in and say it…. Yes we know this bus is a 56!

PaulyMX has finished what has to be the fastest resto in the history of NoH2O! Catch the build right here

Baydorm76’s ‘fire recovery‘ project is progressing exceedingly well.

Mid West Dubber is getting through an amazing array of projects of late… The latest being a very sweet looking 62 Bug ‘Barnfind“!

Dr Evil’s dastardly plan of taking over the world is on hold for the minute while he concentrates on the Tempo rebuild….  And yes…. My Bus is slowly progressing…. Found more rust, so making more parts… It takes a while, but I am happy the frontend is all done… Finally…. Some amazing spy pics of Tom’s 11 Window resto have come my way, and I must say it looks bloody awesome… It’s on Instagram, so I can’t post them here yet, but I will see what I can hack in the coming weeks.

Finally I’d like to remind everyone of the events section…. There are loads of Hot Rod and Kustom events coming up, and I see the SW Contingent have posted their 3rd Annual Campout for later this year… I wonder if I’ll have the bus done by then?

That’ll do for now…. Get out there gang… See you at the next one.

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Holy crap!

Where did that year go?

I have to start with a massive apology to all you guys…. I’ve been a bit lazy with the management of the forum and the blog of late… In fact… I’ve been ‘a bit off the VW scene’ thing all together this past year… Especially these past 6 months… No excuses really…. Just way too much going on, no VW’s on the road, projects stalled, working full-time, family commitments… All the usual stuff… Much of which I know all you guys are dealing with every day too… I know how it is… So like I said… No excuses.

Image stolen from John Harney Photography

But that is not to say things have been quiet locally or indeed, nationally… Internationally too! I’m sure you all have been keeping an eye on whats going on…. Another record price has been paid for a Splitty at Auction… This time at the Mecum Auction a short time ago… Phil Mizzi’s BD SC has been getting rave reviews around the globe.. Good mate and friend of the ‘collective’, Steve Parfitt has been getting some good Aussie press in some very cool VW mags around the globe.. The Nationals in Sydney were a hoot, with Trent Demos’ white street car taking some massive awards.. Rod Penrose’s ‘new’ drag car is getting faster and faster with every run (a world record is just down thr track I reckon)…. As has Big Ben Robinson and his Orange VWMA sponsored bug… And here in WA we have seen a massive swell in the ranks, both here at NoH2O and over on the VW Club of WA forum.. Bernie had his annual ‘knee’s up’ and the Muster Garage… Fairbridge was another huge gathering, though I couldn’t make it this year… And of course, we shall not forget Steff’s Swappy… It’s all been going on!

Image stolen from John Harney Photography

Add to this, we have some news about what’s been going on in the sheds around the place… Neggy has been making great progress with his Cabrio. My stuff is beginning to move forward again. The roof chop on the drag car is nearly done, and the front panel replacement and dogleg rebuilds on the Bus are all but complete…

Alan over at DAS has been pushing out some awesome projects…

This 23 Window Deluxe and the Porker powered DC project are looking mad!

Boz’s Baja is about to get a massive heart transplant in the form of a Grayden Transaxle and LS2 upgrade. Deadkombi has some cool progress on his two projects, Fabo is very nearly done with the new autokana/hillclimb car, and Vertecal has done an amazing job on his Microbus.

Blair got a great feature on his very cool Oval in VWMA… A cars have changed hands of late…. JamieBoy (BJ) is now the proud owner of Johnno’s Lowie, Moz bought Casey’s (ex VWMA feature car) black KG, Graham bought Casey’s Country, my lil’bro sold his to a gentleman in Brizzy, Steff scored a sweet Notchback that I tried to back 15 years ago, Brian (Circlework) has just about finished his Splitty rebuild and has just purchased one of the country’s coolest Lowie Panelvans! Heaps going on….  But I guess that’s it for now… Catch you next month!

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Steff’s big arse Swappy was a huge success!

Yes sir’ree bob, the swapmeet at Steff’s shop was a roaring success! I reckon a few sellers even sold some stuff…. I know I did…. But I managed to spend what I made anyway, so I guess you could say I broke even!!!


But Steff had some snaggers, cool drinks and awesome coffee on tap all afternoon, much jocularity and good times were had by all, and we had ourselves a very cool little car show at the same time… Aweosme!

We also had a great day at Barbagello Raceway early in the month with the ‘Cruise to the Vees’ run…. Rosco sorted out a great spot for us right at the end of the front straight, and the classic racing car action was awesome to see.

There are a few other cool events in the pipeline…. Another South West movie night is being put together… Early November is looking likely…. Check the thread for updates. And obviously, keep an eye on the event thread for regular updates…

Neggy’s cabrio build thread is finally up…. I know he’s been chipping away on the resto for a couple of years, but it’s only recently that he’s posted up his progress… And what progress he has made…. The pan is done, and it looks amazing… Do check it out.

And finally, we have the latest updates on Gav’s car…. I’ve finally found the time to to this car for him, and in the past couple of weeks I have made good progress…. The under parcel shelf area is spotless now, treated, primed and painted with a pretty good match with the exterior duco…. The Rancho transaxle is back together with fresh axle tubes, and about to be slotted back in…. CB Performance  disc brakes… Nice new cable, mounts and hoses are about to follow it in, then the engine will see some updates…. All good.

Then of course I have my projects…. All of which you will have to wait for next month to find out… Roll on summer!

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So there it is…

This month has all but gone… So much has happened, yet there is still more to come… The WA Car scene is rocking along nicely with events hosted by the VW Club of WA… The Dubs to the Pub run. Individuals like me old mate Jake and his event Custom Cars & Coffee, and the VCC of WA Autojumble today at the Dog School in Gozzy’s… All amazing events, and all a really good indicator of the range of stuff on offer here in WA.

There is also plenty on the offer in the next months…. First up I’d like to remind you guys of the mass email I sent out a couple of weeks back…. All the upcoming events are listed there for your viewing pleasure, but for those of you who might not have gotten the email, or have somehow misplaced it, I would suggest you take a good long hard look at the events section of the forum.

Other stuff on the up is directed at the projects going on around town…. I know of plenty of cool stuff going on out there…. Everyone is way busy building and rebuilding, Coastalaw has his Army Bay on the road, BayDorm76 is busy rebuilding his pristine late Bay, DieSchnelleKafer is out and about in his recently completed and rego’d Oval, CnFabo is building a replacement racer after righting off his lil Red dub a while back, and I have been making slow progress with Gav’s nice little green car… There is so much going on, so you lot are just gonna have spend some time in the projects section or wait for the next show to get any goss.

What might be of interest is the visitor I had turn up at my place the other day…. NoH2O member, PaulyMX came by with his awesome DKW 3-6… Amazing little car, with an equally amazing story behind it… I can’t go into details here, but suggest you find Paul at the next event and ask him…

That’ll do.

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Things are on the up… And up!

It never rains, it bloody pours!

After many weeks if not months without an event happening, we now have three or four happening in quick succession!… Over the next couple of months we have The Customs and Coffee morning in Freo, Steff’s Swapmeet, Rosco’s ‘Cruise to the VEE’s’ at Wannaroo, and the VWClub of WA’s  ‘Run to the Pub’…. My god it’s gonna be a busy few weeks…. And let’s not forget the monthly Southwest Meet…. Check out the events section for more details… Also for those that might be interested… The Classic Week is about to hit in LA, and I know a couple of dudes from NoH2O are going, and heaps of our friends from the east coast are going…. My shopping list has been handed over, so I’m looking forward to a couple of major parts coming in to make the POS that much tougher and race ready!… Looking forward to some pics from those lucky few who are making the trek to the US.

Projects are ticking away… Spriggo has got a fresh’ish engine in his Beater Bug, Steff is making progress on his early KG, my T34 is getting still more body work done, and the driveline is in hand… The POS is on hold for a bit, but I have purchased the new parts to complete the engine…. Think 86mm flanged stroker crank, 5.7″ SCAT rods, extra long thick wall 94mm cylinders and more headwork on the Wedge ports…. I think the turbo engine that is planned for the POS is about as large as you can go with a TI based crankcase!…. The CroMo for the cage has been sourced too!… Gav’s bug that is currently in my shed, with its backside in the air and no running gear under there…. Paint detail to begin tomorrow if all things go well… And finally I can show you Tom’s bus as it sat on my trailer earlier this week….

It’s at Bernie’s getting a few minor things done to the tail gate and door frames prior to a date with the spray booth… What colour will he paint it I wonder?

Finally…. How’s this for cool?… Tempo Pete has scored this setup for his Matador project…. He’s planning to  chuck a little old speed love at his truck, which I’m sure will shake up the purists!

That’ll do…. Catchya out there!

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Fairbridge Festival and other happenings.

Step right up folks, step right up…. Or so the saying goes…. Never a more appropriate saying there was for what has come to pass this month…. Much has happened, here and there, some dub related, some not, but all have most definitely been enjoyed by the collective and friends…. Most notably of which would have to be the running of the 21st Folkworld Fairbridge Festival… An event that the ‘collective’ and various members of the VW Club of WA have been attending for the past 5 years….

This festival hosts the finest folk, world, blues, jazz and contemporary musicians the world has to offer… This year was no exception… But make it all the more enjoyable, the camping that is offered, makes it all that much more special…. Kim Sherman and his wife Woody play our hosts every year, along with the massive effort from the organising committee and the hundreds of volunteers, the VW enclave (this year we had 25 bus’ parked up in ‘Volksville’) gets to enjoy a massive variety of events, performances and kookie sights over a long three day weekend…. Those of you that have never made the festival are missing out, and should really make the effort to join us next year.

Those of you that might be into bikes will surely have seen the event late last month at HMVK… This is the second time that Brett, Lee and Wayne (NoH2O members of old) have hosted the event at their shop, and I must say it was huge… I love spending time there, when ever I can get out there… The vibe of the place is awesome, the creativity and skill, and tlc that goes into ever project is mind blowing and a pleasure to witness… These guys know what’s what…. Check’em out.

As for projects…. It is with sad news that I mention our kid Fabo and his recently bent Bug…. Chris has been flying the flag of racing dubs for these past few years… Slowly developing his car and his skills behind the wheel…. His Bug had become a very popular addition to classic rallies, sprints and hill climb events throughout WA, sticking it to the established classic event challenger with his mighty little red Dub. Last month, on the invitation of an event organiser down in the south west, Chris was participating in a streetkhana sprint event, when it all came unstuck… It was in one of the last turns of the two lap sprint, that the car lost traction and slapped into a 4 tonne concrete barrier…. The car was a right off, but fortunately, Chris walked away from the accident.

The good news is, that a replacement car is in the works as I write this…. I’m heading over to pick up his new project in the next week or so, so Chris can get stuck in with the rebuild…

On that note, I’ll leave you lot to it…. All the best.

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Who’s a slack bugger?

Yeah I know…. It’s been a a couple of months without an update and the truth be told, I have no excuse…. Been busy as we all have, even found some time for Dub stuff in the shed too, but not any events…. There has been a few, but nobody has been taking pictures, so I have very little to show you all…. Sad really…. But all is not lost…. There has been activity…. Last month I went to Sydney for the VWMA Drags, which those of you that may have read my report will note, was a wash out…. NSW and Qld was hit by massive storms right at that time, and the event was called by the track officials….

But all was not lost…. Sure the event was called off, but that is not to say the trip was a total loss…. I got to hang out with my good mates Ben R, Morgan S and Rod P and their respective families…. Ben was an amazing host over the 5 days I was there… We got out to a few VW shops and had a gander, went to a impromptu bbq’s, met loads of cool peeps, fiddled about in workshops and sheds and spent way too much time (and money!) at Rodney’s place!

G’s been up to some kookie shit again!… Check out his wild 13 Winda Lantern!… And lets not forget the Banana Split project which is moving forward well….

And don’t get me started on the Purvis!

Boz and I took the MonstaBaja out for a blast down the farm the other day…. Not without some minor problems, but fun none the less…. This thing is gonna be a out of control when it finds some land without fences in the way!

And finally…. Yes I did finally get some good numbers with the POS… 13.1 at 109mph to be exact….. Pretty good for a baby 1776 with the wrong cam, too big in the exhaust, turbo and carb…. On paper it shouldn’t work, but work it does….. So…. Just as I was getting the power uncorked, the weak link let go…. I broke an axle.

Time to get the new pan, transaxle and engine built up!

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January is all but gone.

These days seem to blur into one another don’t they?… It only seems like last week that I was finishing up at school and my holiday break was about to begin…. No more reporting, no more programming, no more phone calls to/from parents, no more dealing with the politics or misunderstandings in the workplace and no more massive days at school, organising performances, presentations, exhibitions, touring shows for the school bands or work related sundowners. But what do you know!…. The holidays are just about over, and yet again I didn’t get everything done that I had hoped…. Obviously the clutch giving up the ghost on the POS was not planned for, and I hadn’t really planned on making a start of the Ghia either, but ya know what?…. I’m pretty stoked to get into both…. The new clutch in the POS will handle the power the engine is producing with ease… Looking forward to hitting the track real soon…. And the Ghia is getting closer to back on the road, and that has got to be a good thing…. I’ll update you all on both of those cars next month…. But for now, lets recap on the last couple of months happenings.

First up…. I’d like to congratulate the DoVW show winners…. Many of which are NoH2O members…. Below are a selected few…. Be sure to check the winners thread in the events section…. Well done do all the class winners…..

Best Type 1 Beetle Standard pre ’67………. Colin Seth

Best Type 1 Beetle Modified……….Sean Duffin

Best Type 2 Kombi T1 Commercial………..Peter Kopic

Best Type 2 kombi T2 Commercial……….Patrick Spiteri

Best Buggy Modified……….Sean Jones

Best Rat Look…………Graham Tibbs

Presidents Choice………….Bernie Brix

Judges Choice………..Dave Moore

Other stuff in the pipeline is pretty interesting…. Our boy Reub has got himself another aircooled project…. This time round, he’s messing with a car that has become something of a harlot within the collective…. I gave him the Paprika.

Working slowly through the bits I have for the car, a heap of nice stuff Reub has left over from his old 58, and a good scrub, the car is looking heaps better already…. Plans are to pull the body from the pan in the very near future, and get Johnno to wave his magic rust remover wand across it…. This should go a long way to getting the car back on the road in a mildly modified but but essentially stock state…. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

I’ve been doing silly things to my cars lately too… I started on the new Super Street pan for the POS….. First a massive 18mm pie cut was done to the front end to give me about 10º of caster…. Then I cut the off the torsion housing and started on the narrowing and lifting of the rear suspension…. This sucker is gonna be mad.

And finally we have Jimmybay’s very sweet Paprika Red Oval… It’s a fantastic story of the best kinda…. A very low buck reno, with massive efforts on the part of the owner… Jimmy has taken to it with big-time elbow grease and panel hammer, plus all the usual mechanical overhaul stuff… The net result is an amazing looking ratter… Be sure to check it out.

That’ll do for this month…. Will catch you later!

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