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Its been a while…

Hey gang… Sorry it has been over a month since my last post, been a little busy, but things are moving along. First up…. Brian’s big trip to Valla is still on going…. He made the trip, got crook not long after and will soon be getting down to the business of traveling southward… Check out his thread for the latest. It also sounds like Jean and Alex (and Kev!) got back here safe and sound… I hope they can fill us all in on the trip!?

The site is getting bigger everyday… We have over 75 members on board now (and the spammers keep trying to sign up!) and its getting bigger! I know of a few peeps out there that have signed up, but have yet to make their presents known to the masses… One thing that I’m happy to report, is that we have plenty of members from all parts of the globe contributing to forum. But that is not to say we can’t improve. You lot know dubbers out there, we all do, but where are they? Tell’em about NoH2O, get’em on here!!!

And to help in that regard… We are working on some merch… Wayne (5PL1TDC510N: check out his art thread for some awesome illustration work) has been kind enough to help out with the artwork for some new stickers and t-shirts… Its all coming together, but the progress is slow… I hope to be putting some designs together in the coming weeks too and then we can nail down the designs and get the stuff printed and out there.

What else? Our mate Reuben up in Darwin has been making his presents felt out there in the big bad world. The VWRX has been shot for an upcoming feature in Volksworld and is also doing very well in the points standing for the annual ZOO Weekly ‘Real Cars‘ Awards. His car is currently sitting in 1st place!!! Top effort Reub.

And lastly…. Evan’s ‘Paprika’ Bug is getting a good seeing to down at the HQ… Johnno is doing wonders to a few machines down there I can tell you… The man is a wizard!… Evan has got some plans for the ‘Paprika’ Bug too…. I think the 36′er rebuild that I’ll be doing on that one will be a short term fix… Could it be that Evan wants some HP in there now?… Dunno….

Stay tuned!

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