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The times are a changin’

Well…. What can I say? This (last!) month has gone by so fast…. So fast in fact, I missed it! But the truth be told, not too much has happened in the local Dub world really, well nothing cool like shows or cruises or projects being unveiled. Hoodwink’s Paprika bug is now back home…. The welding is all done, the car is solid once more and Hoodie is into it hammer and tongs to get it ready for the DoTVW in December.

On the subject of cars in workshops…. The HQ is no more… Last weekend Bernie had his last BBQ at the HQ! It was a sad day indeed… Copious amounts of the amber fluid was downed and many a happy tale was uttered, but the day had to come. The HQ is dead.

But fear not… HQII is coming!

There is a distinct possibility that NoH2O’s inaugural pre-DoTVW barbie will be held there… Speaking of events.. Another NoH2O inaugural pre-DoTVW event in the works is Choppa’s Drag Day…. This event is shaping up pretty well, with loads of NoH2O, KK and WA Watercoolers expressing interest in attending…. Stay tuned!

And lastly… I’d like to congratulate all over at KK for putting on another great event. From all reports the Kombis on Kampus events was a huge success…. Hopefully more of our lot will be able to attend next year!

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