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Man what a month…

Google have been giving me the heebies of late… It seems the regular attempts of spambots to sign up here at NoH2O has sent out alarm bells to the Gods of Google… It’s not that these spammers have actually made it past me…. They haven’t, but by just having them in the membership section (pending forum clearance), constitutes enough of a gamble to Google to post a warning about the security of NoH2O!… Sheesh!…. It’s pretty freakin’ clear to me that this a VW enthusiast site and not a porn/viagra/realestate/MP3 site, so why can’t they just sort out my requests and let me get on with it?

I don’t know… But what I do know is this…. The WA Dub Scene is doing fine… Case in point….

A little while back I posted here that Paul (Deadkombi) is selling his premo Black 57 “big winda” Bug… Well after a minor false start, it sold pretty damn quickly… And the new owner is more than pleased so I hear… The good news is that it has remained with the ‘collective’ and will be seen regularly out and about… Further news from Paul is that he quickly replaced it with yet another Bug project….An OG paint Oval no less… His progress on this project is nothing short of amazing… You gotta check it out!

So much for getting stuck into the splitty hey Paul?

Also… Good news from the House of Sam…

His Bus has now returned from it sojourn at Roe & Son’s and is now ensconsed safely in his garage… The fit-out and thread updates are continuing…

And now finally… I’d like to let you all know something… My brother is a nut bag… There, I said it (typed it?)… He has now cut a little bit more of his BD23!… The purists out there are gonna linch him I tell ya!….

Good on ya Choppa…. I’m proud of ya!

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