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Dude… That one nearly got past me!!!!

I can’t believe that is the the 22nd already?… Where the heck did November go?…. I know…. In the workshop, that’s where… I’m sure I’m not the only one that has been working ‘hammer and tongs’ to get the car (insert model of choice here) together for the DoVW this year…. It’s getting damn close!!!… Speaking of which…. The regular venue is off this year, for unknown reasons, but a new venue has been sorted next door… Check the thread in the event’s page for more info….

Some old fav’s are getting a spruce up…. See Steve’s Bus for example…Some seriously cool cars are coming together too…. Also I know a few of our long distance members are preparing to bring more than one Dub to the show…. The POS is so close it’s scarey… I won’t bore you with the details…. Just check the thread for more info… DeadKombi (aka Paul V) has been very quiet of late… That dude is up to something for sure…. Speaking of Paul… His old black 57 is looking very tough with it’s new boots… It will surely create a bit of a stir at the show next month…. Bernie has said he’s is hoping to debut his sweet early Micro, Just is burning the midnight oil to get his sweet 66 to the show…. I’ll get to those spindles next week Justin, I promise!!!! Jonno is hoping to have his single cab rolling and Boz it looking to have his Ragtop close to ‘complete’ too… Speaking of Ragtop’s… Hermann might be in town for the show too…. Be good to see his 450hp monster there… I wonder if I can get Ron Harris to bring his drag car to the show?… What a display that would make!

And lastly…. Victors Cruise….

What a great day that was… With a few hick-ups (road closures), we managed to stay together, for the most part and took in some great sites along the route… Be sure to check out the thread in the events page… There is some awesome pics to be seen of the day…. We got to do this again soon…. It was a blast!

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