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Where to now?

It has been a busy one…. The projects section has been a hive of activity…

Paul’s big block drag donk is nearing completion… The POS has finally got the panels sitting next to it ready to replace the rusty heater channel… Dave has a new project… Andrew has finally picked up the Mouse… Chris whipped the WRX/GTR/EVO/Porsche’s collective arses at the Classic Challenge and Hermann is getting an itch for the roundie, roundies…. So all good.

The more entertaining/kookie threads on the forum are becoming hugely popular…. The “Do’s and Don’t’s” thread especially so…. But I seem to be noticing a proliferation of “Don’t’s” and very few “Do’s” among the posts… Speaking of “Don’t’s”…. VWJon has been very active of late…. His “Lakes Bomber” project is surely to be yet another “seeing is not necessarily believing” project from the master of mistfit’s…

The “OMFG!” thread is mighty busy…. I started it some time back, posting VW related images that blew my mind…. The content is entirely made up of images I have spotted on the dublya, dublya, dublya…. I spend a lot of time looking around, and I can tell you, the world is so into these Dubs!…. I’m really diggin’ what the Spanish are doing right now, and the Belgians are rockin’ it also… Be sure to get into these threads, add your own fav’s to the list, it will blow your mind!

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