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All’s quiet on the western front…

As the heading suggests, it’s a tad quiet around these parts. No real news to report other than the “Free’n'Easy” show it looking more likely as the days roll by…. Another event in the pipeline is a VDub display at Scarborough Beach early in the new year…. Both Fremantle and Stirling Councils are very keen to have us there… More news will be posted in the events sections as I pull it all together….

As for cars entering the ‘collective’…. There has been a few coming through…. Notably the sale of Stevie’s Ragtop to Deano… Look out for his adventures with car shortly after purchase…. Steff picked up a very tidy LHD late Notchback and Shayno bought a real oddball Squareback….

The builds in the collective are ongoing, but none more so that Josh’s low-light….

It’s a bloody good thread and the attention to detail makes for an inspired read.

Speaking of Josh…. He’s the lucky bastard that picked up one of the most sort after local PV’s in the state…. I sure hope he does the right thing here and post a suitable thread in the daily driver section….. Hint, hint….

And finally…. Steff’s got some paint on….

Time to go…. Catchya.

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