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There’s a rumour going around…

This month nearly passed me by…. Seems to be a constantly reoccurring situation for me, and one I have no real excuse for…. But I have just made it in time, and with some good news of the coming season….

First up…. There are a few of the local hotrodding dubs getting a little road time…. After some fairly major build ups, some new drivelines are getting a hammering in preparation for the coming drag season.. The Munster Garage fellas are putting together some stroker donks for their own projects… Bernie is building up a supercharged number for his bus so I hear…. Deadkombi’s 56 OvalĀ has recently acquired a new heart… All 2276cc of Italian IDA fed meatiness!…. Word has it that this oldschool donk has plenty of power and loads of history…. One day I hope that Paul (Deadkombi) gets his lead foot out of the carbs for long enough to let us all in on this engines history, and maybe a little insight into what he did to get it together recently…

Also…. The POS is back together…. Back in the turbo guise…. No rego…. Some improvements to the set-up and some changes to the fuel system…. A few minor things to sort out, before some dyno time to get the mixtures right…. Then its down to the Motorplex for a little V8 spanking!….. I hope we can get a few of the other hotrod Dubs down there to give it what for!

Finally….. I’d like to let everyone know, that there are two and possibly three new NoH2O events in the works…. First up, Paul and Sandy are getting the Como Hotel gathering happening again…. It’ll be on the third Thursday of every month…. Be sure to check the events thread for more info…. The other big news is that the “Free’n'Easy” is making a come back…. November 6th is the date…. Once again, its an after noon slot… South Beach Fremantle, western side of the railway…. We have space for around 100 cars I reckon…. We are once again joining forces with the Fremantle Kite Extravaganza for this one… But this time we have the “Two Wheels Good” crowd in the loop and all with the support of the Fremantle City Coucil….. More details as I pull it all together…. And finally…. Another display is being put together for February 16th at Scarborough Beach…. This one is part of the Stirling Council Summer Festival closing event…. The day will start with a navigation rally that will venture all around Perth, finishing at the Scarborough Beach Amphitheater in the late afternoon….. A free concert on the beach, fireworks show and VW’s…. Does it get any better?… Again, more details as they come together.

That will do for now…. I got some work to do.

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