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So there ya go….

Nearly blew the month by without an update…. My god I can’t drop the ball now!!!!…. But to be honest, I do have a good excuse… The show is all but sorted, only the will of (insert preferred deity here), can it be stopped now!!!!

I suppose I should say something of real value this month instead of the usual drivel… So here goes….

The NoH2O stickers and T-shirts will be on-sale at the “Free’n'Easy” along with a snappy limited edition poster to commemorate the return of the event….

Other news to hand is that the forum is about to click over to having 250 members!!!!!…. Woooohooo!…. Who’dathaunk we would ever make the dizzying heights of 250 members… Also the posts are coming thick and fast from a few of the site regular visitors…. That said…. I have noticed that there are a number of members that are yet to contribute to the forum in anyway…. I’m not sure why that is… Maybe some of you guys feel you don’t have anything to say, or anything to add to the conversations going on here… But I can tell you all this…. Forums are here to help you, here to develop ideas, here to build camaraderie in support of our VW endeavours and most of all to communicate…. I hope that in the future more of you guys will get into the chat, when help is called for, to offer a hand to dubbers in need, get involved and be active both on here and out there…. Enough of the sermon…

Finally…. I like to let you know a little about a certain bug that has been getting a little love of late…. Just’s Bug to be exact…

Just started with a pretty cherry dub in the beginning, but like all projects, there were a few little things that needed doing… After what seemed like an age (for Just at least!) the car is back on the black top and looking all the better for it!

Well done mate!

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