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What’s Santa got in his sack?

Oh yes boys and girls, the silly season is upon us once more… I dunno where the time goes, but life seems to be passing us by at an alarming rate!…. I remember when I was a kid (back in the dark ages), days use to be so long, and weeks took forever…. Forget about years…. That was  an eternity!!!!!…. These days its very different story…. I know its all about the concept of time and our perception of it, and we could go so much further into this idea, but I wont…. It’s a deeply interesting topic, and one I will save for another time…. We’re here for the dubs and the awesome times we have as a result of them…. So what do I have to add for the closing of the year?

It’s actually been a pretty big one for the ‘collective’….. Many new members, awesome projects starting anew and many long running ones completed, along with some very challenging automotive problems met head on….. I finally got my car to the drag strip, only to have some problems with crap fuel… Ultimately putting an end to my first foray back to the track…. Roll on next year I say…. January is looking good for some grudge racing hey?…. Paul has that black beast of his (his car!!!!) up and running…. Hopefully he’ll have it fully dialed in by next month…. Bernie is threatening to have his awesome Oval back on the track too and my brother, Choppa has recently acquired a new larger turbo for his Notch…. Craig’s new efi, turbo stroker has arrived and there a distinct possibility of a monster NA stroker splitty hitting the track at some point next year also….

And finally I come to the DoVW…. A really good day once again….. NoH2O had their annual pre-event cruise, which started at my place (12 VW’s started from there), then we hooked up with another 20 Dubs at Vic Park, then cruised en masse to the show area at Burswood….

The VW Club of WA did a great job putting on the event, and the ‘collective’ is looking forward to making an even bigger collective showing next year!

That’ll do…. Have a great Christmas and new year everyone….. See ya’ll on the other side!

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