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Happy Australia Day!

That’s right folks…. It’s Australia Day…. A day of national celebration, a day to pat your compatriot on the back and say ‘goodonya bloke’, a day to swill some amber fluid, to burn some meat, to throw a few doe’ies, to slap the missus and watch the Aussie’s kick the Pom’s collective arse’s at the cricket…. It’s Australia Day!

But back to the matter at hand, the reason we are all here, the modus operandi so to speak… Dubbin’…. Or more specifically, Dubbin’ in WA.

It’s actually been pretty quiet around here of late…. Still coming down from the high’s of the November and December show’s I guess…. It’s also been dang hot… Too hot to get into the shed, and dare I say it, too hot to go for a drive!…. Well during the day at least…. I know a few of the guys have been away on road trips with the family in tow, I’ve been continually messing with the fuel system on the POS, my bro has laid down some nice quarter mile times with his BD 23 (low 18’s!), Deadkombi has blitzed the local NA dubbers with a blistering 13.5 (I think?) to make him the quickest NA street dub in WA…

Also….. Everyone is on holidays… Bernie took the family up to Wedge in the Bus…. Mozzie has been checking out the coastline…. Sam has been out testing the torsion bars on his 11 Winda, and Jamie’s been getting jiggy with his camera again….

So the crew have been up to their usual…. All good in my book!

So we’ll see ya’ll next month…. Everyone have a solid and safe Australia Day!

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