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Well here we are…

It’s the freakin’ end of March already!!!!?????….. What the heck is with that?…. Next thing you know, that funny fat fella in the red suit will be shuffling down your chimney dropping off your nice shiny new toys, and you’ll be getting revved up for that new years resolution!!!! But before that faithful day arrives we need to get through a few not so insignificant events and no doubt a few life changing ones….. The events of the world these past months have driven home the need to commune and support your fellow man…. I like to think that it some way, this here forum does a little of that…. We have ourselves a nice little community happening here…. Never before has the WA veedub scene had such a strong following…. I’d like to think that the NoH2O forum has had something to do with that…. We are seeing more and more peeps getting together and supporting each other in there endeavours… More reports of road side help being offered, more busy bee days at someones shed, more regular gatherings of a general social sort and more and more goodtimes….

A case in point…. These guys you see in the above pic, took the time to come down to the Nostalgia Drags last weekend, to support a few of us drag racing nutters….

The hero of the day had to be Paul and his mighty black 56….

A huge effort….After only a handful of runs under the loud pedal, Paul has managed to get well into the low 13 second bracket, clocking over 100mph!

Next up we have the big block build thread from the house of Beaver…. Joel is putting together a 2165 stroker for his old man’s Splitty Panel…. I don’t think ol’Bob has a clue about the power he will have at his disposal once this beast get’s out on the road!

Other projects of note would have to be Chris’ Bug project…. He’s just got the machine on the road and it’s looking mighty fine…. Have a look at this little time lapse video for the lowdown on the engine build….

That’ll do…. You get the idea…. Get out there, have a look around the forum, get involved….

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