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Fairbridge Festival is on!!!

Damn!!!! This months update almost didn’t happen!!!! Here I am at Fairbridge (writting this on my iPhone!!!) enjoying the last hours of sunshine on Saturday arvo. Still another couple of days left of the event, haven’t seen a grown up show yet as I’m hangin with the RoseBud and diggin a really laid back vibe.

Most of the regular festival crowd are in attendance. Bernie, Annalie and Luca, Johnno, Casey, BJ, Debs and Maharg, Pete Arnoldi, Matt B Ralph , Graham M and a few others. A pretty good turn out. Shame more couldn’t make it, but what with the BugIn last weekend, it’s kinda understanding. The dubs have proved very popular with the regulars here, with loads if peeps dropping by for a chat. Even Ben Elton came by for a look!!! Can highly recommend you guys make it to this one next year.

So as I’m attempting to write this on my phone it will be very short…. But part of this update must include the BugIn. Unfortunately I didn’t make it. An early morning bee attack put paid to that idea. But on all accounts the event was a huge success…. Well done to all concerned.

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