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Post #50!

That’s right folks…. This is the 50th post on the NoH2O Blog…. So to celebrate, I have decided to have beer…..

Aaahhhhhh…. That was nice.

So what else is new I hear you ask?….I’ve had some visitors at my place this past week…. Morgan and his partner Alicia… For those of you dubbers into fast street cars and the Sydney dub scene, may have seen Morg’s awesome bug (12.5 NA and 11.7 with a 50 shot of NOS) in the race features in VWMA… His car is quite an amazing bit of kit, and I was very fortunate to be asked to pit for him and Ben (owner of the VWMA sponsored Drag Bug) at the Western Sydney VW Drag Day earlier this year…. I’ll be there again next year for sure!

Talking about VWMA…. Casey’s Black Ghia made this months cover….. WA Dubber represent!

For more…..

Next up I have to let you guys know about the projects that are going on…. Obviously I’ve been busy…. The POS is making really nice power now and is ready for the up coming hotrod show (see below), but the stroker is still due to get together before the drag season starts…. Really need to pull my finger out on that one…. The Bus is really going quite nicely, but I reckon the 1776 that’s currently in the POS might find a new home there soon….

And the Ghia has finally found the centre of the shed…. Engine and transaxle is out, with cleaning, detailing and replacement of stuff about to happen there….. Then we have what all you guys are up to…. Brom’s is making great progress on getting his fancy Red9 IFS under the front of his PV…. Bernie has made great progress with Norm…. Brock has got the Supercharger working really well with his VRod….. Vic has his new engine ready for install, and Andy is building up a strong new stroker for his daily…. It’s all going on in the shed…. Check out the projects and daily drivers threads for more details….

And finally….. Next month the Collective is putting on a massive display at this years Hot Rod and Streetcar Spectacular…. How’s 11 VW’s sound?…. Crazy stuff…. I’d like to say thanks to everyone who accepted my invitation to join us there this year…. The quality of the Dubs we will have on display this year are amazing…. All cars have that special something, that style and finish that is perfect for a Hot Rod/Kustom style event such as this…. No ricer inspired cars get a look in here….. It’s all about traditional aesthetics and details, interesting and intriguing ideas and purity of form…. Look forward to seeing you guys there.

This is gonna be kool….

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