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Crap….. I forgot!

So sorry folks…. These past months have totally gotten away from me…. In all the stress of my daily life…. That of an upper school high school teacher, have just not gotten around to updating this here blog!…. I can’t believe that I have missed two months worth of updates!!!!????

Ben and Morg’s in the staging lanes… They also crew for Rod Penrose when not steering their own cars!

Anyway…. Some of you guys may know that I went to Warwick this year…. Most of you prolly don’t know how this visit came about, but it’s a pretty cool story, and one worth mentioning again…. Earlier in the year, Reuben and I went to the VWMA event held at the WSID…. There I got to catch up with old friends, crew for Morgan Smith and Ben Robinson, and generally have a great old time…. Whilst there, Wayne Penrose asked me if I was planning on going to Warwick later in the year…. I hadn’t, but he said to me straight up…. If I did go, he’d give me one of his cars to race if I was interested…. As you can see…. I did go, and I had a blast!…. If you haven’t had the chance, swing by the thread and have a gander at the many pics from the events…. Some I took, some where taken by Morgs and his lovely wife Aliseia…

In other news…. The collective’s good friend, Rod Penrose got to take his new car out to WSID for some some shakedown runs in the low 9’s at 140mph!…. Obviously, this pic is from one of the exhibition runs at Warwick, but for those that might be interested in reading a little more, check out the thread on AVD…. This car has low 6 second potential by the way!!!

And as we all know, the local show season is about to commence…. NoH20 are hosting two very special pre-DoVW events this year…. First we have “The Great Collective Breaky” at XWray Cafe in Freo on the 25th of this month…. The we have the third installment of “Choppa’s Drag Day” at the Motorplex on the following Wednesday eve…. For more info, go and check out the respective threads….

In closing…. Spriggo sent me a pic of the VeeDubs at the Drive-in weekender… Sad to miss out on this one, but things happen…. Look forward to seeing the pics of the entire weekends festivities.

So that’ll do…. I’m off to the shed.

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