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Fairbridge Festival and other happenings.

Step right up folks, step right up…. Or so the saying goes…. Never a more appropriate saying there was for what has come to pass this month…. Much has happened, here and there, some dub related, some not, but all have most definitely been enjoyed by the collective and friends…. Most notably of which would have to be the running of the 21st Folkworld Fairbridge Festival… An event that the ‘collective’ and various members of the VW Club of WA have been attending for the past 5 years….

This festival hosts the finest folk, world, blues, jazz and contemporary musicians the world has to offer… This year was no exception… But make it all the more enjoyable, the camping that is offered, makes it all that much more special…. Kim Sherman and his wife Woody play our hosts every year, along with the massive effort from the organising committee and the hundreds of volunteers, the VW enclave (this year we had 25 bus’ parked up in ‘Volksville’) gets to enjoy a massive variety of events, performances and kookie sights over a long three day weekend…. Those of you that have never made the festival are missing out, and should really make the effort to join us next year.

Those of you that might be into bikes will surely have seen the event late last month at HMVK… This is the second time that Brett, Lee and Wayne (NoH2O members of old) have hosted the event at their shop, and I must say it was huge… I love spending time there, when ever I can get out there… The vibe of the place is awesome, the creativity and skill, and tlc that goes into ever project is mind blowing and a pleasure to witness… These guys know what’s what…. Check’em out.

As for projects…. It is with sad news that I mention our kid Fabo and his recently bent Bug…. Chris has been flying the flag of racing dubs for these past few years… Slowly developing his car and his skills behind the wheel…. His Bug had become a very popular addition to classic rallies, sprints and hill climb events throughout WA, sticking it to the established classic event challenger with his mighty little red Dub. Last month, on the invitation of an event organiser down in the south west, Chris was participating in a streetkhana sprint event, when it all came unstuck… It was in one of the last turns of the two lap sprint, that the car lost traction and slapped into a 4 tonne concrete barrier…. The car was a right off, but fortunately, Chris walked away from the accident.

The good news is, that a replacement car is in the works as I write this…. I’m heading over to pick up his new project in the next week or so, so Chris can get stuck in with the rebuild…

On that note, I’ll leave you lot to it…. All the best.

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