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So there it is…

This month has all but gone… So much has happened, yet there is still more to come… The WA Car scene is rocking along nicely with events hosted by the VW Club of WA… The Dubs to the Pub run. Individuals like me old mate Jake and his event Custom Cars & Coffee, and the VCC of WA Autojumble today at the Dog School in Gozzy’s… All amazing events, and all a really good indicator of the range of stuff on offer here in WA.

There is also plenty on the offer in the next months…. First up I’d like to remind you guys of the mass email I sent out a couple of weeks back…. All the upcoming events are listed there for your viewing pleasure, but for those of you who might not have gotten the email, or have somehow misplaced it, I would suggest you take a good long hard look at the events section of the forum.

Other stuff on the up is directed at the projects going on around town…. I know of plenty of cool stuff going on out there…. Everyone is way busy building and rebuilding, Coastalaw has his Army Bay on the road, BayDorm76 is busy rebuilding his pristine late Bay, DieSchnelleKafer is out and about in his recently completed and rego’d Oval, CnFabo is building a replacement racer after righting off his lil Red dub a while back, and I have been making slow progress with Gav’s nice little green car… There is so much going on, so you lot are just gonna have spend some time in the projects section or wait for the next show to get any goss.

What might be of interest is the visitor I had turn up at my place the other day…. NoH2O member, PaulyMX came by with his awesome DKW 3-6… Amazing little car, with an equally amazing story behind it… I can’t go into details here, but suggest you find Paul at the next event and ask him…

That’ll do.

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