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This will be short… But sweet!

How mad is this? Good friend of the collective Aaron Roberts is about to blow the sox off the Aussie VW Drag scene again! Like his last mad machine… His wheelstanding 20B turbo powered Baywindow Bus, this Notch is also rotary powered and turbocharged…. This one has a built 13B in it, and a ’somewhat modified’ auto transaxle from a 70’s Bay Bus…. Look out for updates next weekend on the Oz Forums, Drag Race Forums, Drag Racing FB pages etc…. This car will create a stir when it hits the track.

An number of other cars are making their Oz drag racing debut next weekend… Troy Adler will have his new tube car out for some shakedowns. Other Adler’s will be out in force for sure…. Matt Berry has given Bluey a freshen up, as has Ben Robinson given his Orange VWMA Sponsored Bug a freshen up… I think our boy Morgan Smith will be there with the delectable Nancy… So wish I was gonna bet there this year…. I hear Brian White¬† is there…. Bastard!

Speaking of Brian…

He has been on a bit a retro kick of late, posting up some of his good work on his FB page. Get over there and have a gander… The boy has a mighty good eye!

On another note…. Some of you might be familiar with Phil Mizzi’s Balls Out BD Single Cab… I have been posting up the build up of the mad machine for the past couple of years… As you may know, it’s done and making waves around the world. Last year I got to see this bus up close and personal for the second time… This time it was started up!… That supercharged Autocraft engine is just mad!… Now you lot have a chance to support Phil and his creation by voting for it in this years round of the Street Machine Car of the Year Awards.

So… Enough of the interstate stuff… Better put up some local content… My shed is getting full…. Damn these projects!


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